San Fran Green Business Conference & Festival

I am headed off to my 2nd Green Business Conference and San Francisco Green Festival this morning.  Each year Co-op America hosts a series of Green Festivals in San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago and Washington DC.

The entire week in San Francisco has been coined “Green Week”, playing host to The Green Business Conference, Green Festival, SF Green Film Festival and Ompass Yoga Festival.  It’s a great opportunity to see the many faces of “green”.  I am focusing on the The Green Business Conference, which is a wonderful forum to spark and exchange ideas with other executives in this emerging business space.  Many people think that green is all about hemp and hippies and that the farthest from the truth.  Many of the workshops focus on sharing best practices to help nurture and build the green economy while inspiring others to do the same.

There is a long list of notable speakers this year, including Seth Goldman, CEO of Honest Tea, Chuck D (yep... Public Enemy), Roxanne Quimby, founder of Burts Bees, Dr. Cornell West and Bill McDonough.

After the conference, the Green Festival takes off in full swing with hundreds of vendors, speakers, musicians and workshops taking place.  This is usually the place where I look for new products and ideas for Pizza Fusion.  I will be visiting a new manufacturer of an electric vehicle we are considering for delivery as well as several new food products and beverages.

Until the next episode...