Sundance - Day 1

We arrived safely into Salt Lake City yesterday for the Sundance Film Festival.  Grabbed a traditional "first beer" in the airport then proceed to Whole Foods for all our rations (lol) and then on up to Stuart's house in Deer Valley. (It's a dump... and thats a joke) We found out from our buddy Scott that The Park City tourism department offers you your first day of skiing/boarding for free with proof of your boarding pass and filling out a simple form online (which I conveniently filled out while flying).  after unloading the groceries and our gear we suited up and headed out to Park City to catch a couple hours of powder!  It's been dumping for a few days and is STILL snowing. It's 7am and we're headed back out while I challenged my Amex Concierge to get us some good tickets to some of the better films for the festival.  Robert Redford opened the 2010 Sundance Festival yesterday and the town is definitely buzzing. Stay tuned for plenty of pics, videos and recaps.  As much as I love Indie films, I'm really here to snowboard with some great friends so don't hate me for my lack of reviews for the films!