Jesse James finds Cinnabun!!!

OK... So I'm truly not a fan of tabloid mags or TV shows, and the closest thing to reality TV I really liked happened to be Jesse James' show West Coast Choppers... but I am 100% a sucker for a good dog story. Back on January 25th (yes, 3 weeks ago) a fawn pit-bull that went by the name Cinnabun went missing from his Long Beach 'West Coast Choppers' shop.  As TMZ reported, Jesse James who is married to Sandra Bullock, was (obviously) pretty freaked out and called out a massive dog-hunt, even sending out messages via his Twitter account. His search continued for days and Jesse and Co. pulled out every weapon in their dog-finding arsenal including pet-location services, $5,000 cash reward and even a "boob-touch" from one of the West Coast Choppers models. (Ya can't make this stuff up) He received many false-alarms over the past couple of weeks but he still remained optimistic. This is one of those moments where platforms like Twitter seem to really make sense because word traveled like wildfire(another Twitter use).

Well... Jesse, Sandra and the West Coast Choppers gang received some great news yesterday that a woman fond Cinnabun and was bringing her home to the shop. Being the proud owner of two beautiful labs, I can only imagine how happy he was to see his little girl back! Congrats to Jesse and a big THANK YOU to everyone that helped try and find her!