Foursquare Enthusiasts Race to Check In at the North Pole

So I was handling my end of the day bidness and was skimmimg through all the interwebz for something good to talk about. As you can see, I've had a pretty nasty bout of bloggers block and it sucks.  It's just good that I have nerdy friends to inspire me like @JenFriel from (More on her later) The point of the story is that I was wicked inspired to go dig up some stuff for you. Well as usual, one of my frequent social media haunts,, had some fairly interesting material that was one part awesome and another part "get a life".  I say that only because I'm not the one doing this...

Fifteen-year-old Parker Liataud and 44-year old David Newman are racing to be the first to check in at the North Pole via popular location-based service Foursquare. Yes, the same application that you see me using to post my random whereabouts on any given night. YES, THAT ONE! The one that you made fun of me for and recently made a friend request from! tee-hee!

The 15 year-old grommet (Liataud) is using several social media channels to get the word out about his journey. He has set up a Facebook Page, The Last Degree, where fans can sign a virtual petition, guess his arrival time at the North Pole and submit video pledges to reduce carbon footprint. Liataud is also posting updates to his Twitter account, YouTube channel and Flickr photostream.

His "competitor" is 29 years his senior but is not your average Joe... or David for that matter.  David NEwman happens to be CEO of the UK's largest motorcycle insurance company.  He's rigged up a smartphone to a satellite phone to be certain that he can check in upon his arrival to the North Pole.  Unlike Liataud, Newman is huffin' it by foot! (Old School Style... uphill.. both ways... in the snow) Also like his 15 year-old super-nerd, Newman has also set up a website, Flickr photostream and Twitter account to keep his fans up to date.

My big question is after they check in... who becomes the mayor? And how many more visits will it take? And lastly, will Foursquare bend the rules and make the first checker-inner the Insta-Mayor? If so, I call a Yelp-like foul! (#justsayin)

Check out a lot more about this journey of all check-in journeys over at the guys who brought to ya first, Mashable!