When Social Media Connects The Dots

I have to go pack for Utah... but I am reserving this spot for a pretty cool post.  My new nerdy friend @JenFriel waved her magic SM wand today and outlined how genuinely awesome social media can be. No, not to win a badge or beat your REAL nerdy friends playing Mafia Wars... but to "connect the dots". Stay tuned for the whole story... Actually... I'm feeling lazy so I'll let you get a sneak peek over at Jen's blog TalkNerdyToMeLover.com and let her tell the story how a random friend I made on Twitter(Jen), saw me post an article about my good friend Rocco's Restaurant, Rocco's Tacos in Boca Raton, FL.  Moments later, her good friend Nick(who I've nevr met) checked into Rocco's via Foursquare.  She put the two together and the rest is history. Nick and I are getting matching tattoos tomorrow and are destined to be BFF's for life... well, one step at a time, but you get the point. On one hand social media has been blamed for eliminating human contact and creating weird geeks out of our children... on the other hand, and in this case, it creates a new human connection. It may only be via a Facebook friend request, but it's a start.

Check out Jen's play-by-play on the whole thing as it unfolded. It really is pretty cool