Nerdy Chicks Rule!

So my new nerdy buddy Jen Friel pulled off another one of her "unapologetically awesome"  social media ditty's this past weekend.  The cool part about this one was that she wasn't traveling around working her magic for brands like "Ford", she was pimping some delicious Pizza Fusion to some innocent Venice Beach passerbyers. (Is that a word?) Who is Jen Friel? Why is she "Unapologetically Awesome"? Well... you can check out more info on her at her website and make your own assumptions.

So a while back, I stumbled across some totally nerdy chick on Twitter.  I say nerdy in the most loving way because at first glance, she is a very attractive model & actress. As I dug deeper, I stumbled over to her website where she was a self-proclaimed "nerd" and commanded a pretty impressive following of other nerd-types.  As I followed her rants for a couple of days, I realized that she was like nerd 3.0 because she was much cooler than the pale-skinned stereotype one might come to expect of a nerd. She rocks the nerd frames better than any nerd I've met though too.  She has made it her mission to "connect the dots" across the globe with her social media savvyness. It's almost creepy how she has an upper-hand on Kevin Bacon. She's got like 2 degrees on him.  Anywho, I'm getting off track here... Just watch the video.