So The Paleo "Diet" Begins!

So today marks Day 1 of Angela and I embarking on The Paleo "Diet".  I put "diet" in quotes because it's really not a diet at all, moreso a way of life and eating clean and healthy.

The paleolithic diet aka "paleo diet" is the oldest and most basic diet which humans have evolved with; it is basic to our biology, our digestive system and is what provides us with good health.

The paleo diet focuses on consuming foods we as humans evolved to eat, while simultaneously eliminating the over processed sugar laden foods now linked to causing the many, many diseases we are faced with in society today.

Un-fortunately, many people are clueless as to how modern food techniques have damaged the quality of healthy food, of how chemicals and cacogenics enter our body almost every second of the day, how important sleep is to our health and how a good diet based off the foods we where created to eat can dramatically alter the quality of our health.

WHY YOU ASK? Well, as active and "healthy" as I am, I decided to pick up Crossfit and have seen some amazing results. I'm only 2 months in, but have lost 10-15 lbs(not counting) and have noticed serious muscle definition starting to emerge as the fat drips away. I realized I was 1000% committed to this new type of training but was still eating like shit. Paleo is a huge part of the Crossfit community so I decided to give Crossfit a real shot by focusing on the nutrition side as well. I ran our and bought Robb Wolf's book called The Paleo Solution. It's an easy and often humerous read about everything you would need to know about eating paleo. He even goes deep into science for those that really want to understand what our body does with food when we put it in our bodies. From the breakdown of fats to going into great detail of the many types of sugars found in food and how we break it all down. HIGHLY recommended for anyone headed down this path. Check out Robb's website for some great tips and tools to get started, including shopping lists and recipes! And if you are remotely curious after checking out his site... Buy the book, worth every penny at $9 on Amazon!

I'll be reporting back here as a diary of sorts. So far, easy breezy. I have a feeling I am going to achieve some serious results and see a marked improvement in my energy and quality of life.