Digital Brand Camp "Celebrity Blogging"


I have been invited to participate in this year's Digital Brand Camp as one of their "celebrity" bloggers. I'm honored to participate and it makes me smile knowing that my Mom isn't the only person that thinks I'm a celebrity... aside from me of course.

The event takes palce in Dallas as an add-on event for the fast growing People Report Summer Camp.  Great minds and passion usually run in the same circles, which is how this event was born.  This year will betheir first conversion of two events in-one with amazing speakers and topics as well as a whole new interactive approach.

People Report and DigitalCoCo have partnered up to bring us a full line-up of new digital branding education, experiences and most important connections with top leaders in the restaurant and hospitality space.

Stay tuned for my usually twisted take on the food industry, sustainability & social awareness! I had originally started taking piano lessons because I thoiught I was invited to participate in BAND camp, since I have a hard time saying no to invites.