Edward Norton talks about raising $25M and Crowd-Sourcing

Edward Norton is not only one of the biggest talents in Hollyweird, he's also one of the biggest givers as well.  He is a huge voice for clean energy, fighting shark-finning, greening up the movie industry and MUCH more. In 2009 he founded Crowdrise.com "a pretty good Social Fundraising, Online Giving and Volunteer community." Norton and the rest of the Crowdrise.com team of Shauna Robertson and Robert and Jeffro Wolfe came up with the idea while developing a really unique campaign to raise money for the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust while training for and running the 2009 New York City Marathon.  As an avid runner and philanthropist in my own mind, and having participated in many give me money for great causes while I embarrass myself for 26.2 miles, I could totally relate to this format of raising money for great causes.  Well, when they saw how fast people were eager to chip in and share their website virally through social media platforms like Twitter & Facebook, the lightbulb went off. They realized that they could create a platform for anyone to participate in to benefit any charity that they wanted.  Through their partnership with Crowdrise, The 2010 The ING New York City Marathon crushed their goal of raising a million dollars a mile and the campaign could not have been any more successful or fun according to Norton. (That's $26 MILLION raised through their "small idea").

Their efforts are serious, but their website is clearly not. And I mean that in a this company has one hell of a personality and they love to have fun while doing good. The tagline under their logo reads "If you don't give back, no one will like you" and The Crowdrise Story page on their website had me in stitches laughing.

Here's more on how Crowdrise works. In short, it combines crowd-sourcing with social networking, fundraising and volunteerism. And anyone can do it. So... DO IT!